More Lobster Potholders

I make two at a time. They are placed left-right to each other so you can see the back-side. You’re food will taste better if you cook with them!

Sold at Alexandra’s bread on Main Street in Gloucester.


Fun with Potholders

I’ve been playing with some old fabric that I used to use to make children’s quilts. Lots of playful colors and patterns.  What fun!

I have flipped the potholders to show you what the backs look like. I make two of each but they are sold separately. You can find my potholders at Alexandra’s Bread on Main Street in Gloucester.



Next on Deck: Eggplant and Olive

I am working with eggplant colors, which is unusual for me, but my daughter Becca loves it.


Finished Quilt: Ocean Garden

This one is 110″ x 110″. I posted about it as a working in progress “blue and green.”


Finished Quilt: Blue Sunshine

This one is 105 ” x 105″. I posted about it in development as the “shirt quilt.”


More William Morris (NFS)

This is a custom quilt order. I made it from a line of reproduction fabric of William Morris designs. It’s quite spectacular, don’t you think?