Next on Deck: Even More William Morris

Well, people seem to really like my quilts with William Morris reproduction fabrics. I am making two more ! You can see how I am blocking out the pattern on my quilting wall. I am dreading the day I run out of these wonderful fabrics. They are so hard to find. Some came from my trip to the UK in 2001.


Next on deck: October 22, 2011

Sometimes when I am close to finishing a quilt, I start thinking about the next one. It’s kind of like how I have to find a new book to read before I’ve finish the old one. I start by thinking about the color palate and I go into my sewing room and start picking out fabrics. From there I build piles. Each pile represents the colors that will go into one Log Cabin square.

Here is what going to go into the next quilt:

Building the Border

Once I have the top of the quilt finished, I move on to making the border to frame the pattern.  I typically draw upon the fabrics in the quilt to make the border so there is a balance, but sometimes I make other selections to jazz it up.

I take strips of the fabric and then cut them into squares and sew them to the background fabric, which in this case is light and white.

I then sew the color+white blocks on the bias to form a strip.

And the strip is trimmed to make the diamonds that make the boundary of the overall quilt.

Next steps are to tack the batting and hand stitch the trim that links the back of the quilt to the front of the quilt.

Work in progess October 21, 2011

When I am building a quilt, I need to tack it on a wall and see how the pattern emerges and how well the colors work together.  I have hung a piece of batting on a wall and the quilting squares stick to it very easily.  The log cabin pattern in my favorite because there are many ways to arrange squares within the pattern.  This style with the radiating diamonds is called “Barn Raising.”  I will use up to 40 different fabrics and it is fun choosing different ones based upon their colors and patterns.  I will keep building it out by adding more squares to the perimeter.  Once I have it all set, I will sew the squares into rows and the rows into one sheet.