Work in Progress: Grays & Pastels

I am building a new quilt from triangles. The fabrics I chose are very subdued and modern.  I am enjoying arranging the pattern so there is a nice balance between the large prints and the pastel colors. I think it feels contemporary.

This is going to be for a queen bed and it is going to be machine quilted.


And I love the above fabric I found for the back!


Next on Deck: Even More William Morris

Well, people seem to really like my quilts with William Morris reproduction fabrics. I am making two more ! You can see how I am blocking out the pattern on my quilting wall. I am dreading the day I run out of these wonderful fabrics. They are so hard to find. Some came from my trip to the UK in 2001.


Next on Deck: Pinwheel Baby Quilt

I am working with some new colors/patterns for this “pinwheel” quilt design for a baby quilt.
Can you see them in the pattern in development?


Queen Shirt Quilt: Finer Details

I am enjoying exploring new fabric options. My favorite is shirt-fabric. I like to go to the Salvation Army and other thrift stores to pick up these fabulous, striped fabrics and use them in new ways in my quilts. Below is a quilt in the final stages of production. This one is a queen.
Can you recognize the shirt material? Loads of FUN!
Click image for larger file.


Next on Deck: Reproduction fabrics with blue and green

Working on a new quilt with some reproduction fabrics with blue and green colors.


Work in Progress

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been quilting up a storm while watching the Patriots and the Bruins games.  This one is mostly olive greens and cranberry reds.