Work in Progress: Another Shirt Quilt

I’ve been working on a new shirt quilt. This time I am incorporating more solid colors and working with thinner strips. It’s easy to make when I have all the raw materials quick at hand. I have been collecting old shirts from thrift stores for over a year now.






Nemo Day 3: Still Not Plowed Out = More William Morris Quilts

Our plower-guy quit in the middle of the storm. Splendid. I live on a private drive and the City will not come with a bucket-loader to clear us out. Hopefully I will get “off the rock” tomorrow.003

A blue-blooded New Englander, I love a good snow storm. Ventured out at the peak of the snow on Friday night.


Then again, all this weather keeps me inside and at the sewing machine. Working on another William Morris quilt. Trying to find just the right the balance of colors and patterns.


Work in Progress: Eggplant and Olive

I decided to use a Japanese style fabric pattern for the back to Eggplant and Olive. Now I am working on hand-quilting it.


Queen Shirt Quilt: Finer Details

I am enjoying exploring new fabric options. My favorite is shirt-fabric. I like to go to the Salvation Army and other thrift stores to pick up these fabulous, striped fabrics and use them in new ways in my quilts. Below is a quilt in the final stages of production. This one is a queen.
Can you recognize the shirt material? Loads of FUN!
Click image for larger file.


Next on Deck: Reproduction fabrics with blue and green

Working on a new quilt with some reproduction fabrics with blue and green colors.


Work in Progress

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been quilting up a storm while watching the Patriots and the Bruins games.  This one is mostly olive greens and cranberry reds.



Next on Deck – January 20th “Shirt Quilt”

I have been collecting shirts at used clothing stores for a while now. I have always wanted to make a quilt from their fabrics – now I am!  The colors are predominantly blue or blue stripes. I think this will make an excellent summer quilt.