Lobster Potholders

I like playing with the colors when making potholders. Lots to play with.
Each one has the lobster fabric as backing. Machine washable.
They are sold at Alexandra’s Bread on Main Street for $12 each.


3 thoughts on “Lobster Potholders

  1. I love Dot’s potholders! They’re so nice and really hold up. I’ve been using the same ones for several years. I just periodically throw them into the washer and dryer and keep using them. They are a nice size to place under hot dishes to protect your table, too! Love the “lobstah” designs!! Very fun and colorful!

  2. I have so much fun choosing different fabrics to create these, as the options are endless. In honor of my Lobsta provider “Joey” of GMG I got the Lobster fabric for the back. Enjoy !!!!

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