Churn-Dish Pattern with Reproduction Fabrics

I’ve always wanted to try the Churn-Dish pattern because it is such an old classic pattern. I specifically choose Civil War reproduction fabrics.
Dimensions: 103″ x 103″
Machine washable.
Warm & Natural Batting




















Nemo Day 3: Still Not Plowed Out = More William Morris Quilts

Our plower-guy quit in the middle of the storm. Splendid. I live on a private drive and the City will not come with a bucket-loader to clear us out. Hopefully I will get “off the rock” tomorrow.003

A blue-blooded New Englander, I love a good snow storm. Ventured out at the peak of the snow on Friday night.


Then again, all this weather keeps me inside and at the sewing machine. Working on another William Morris quilt. Trying to find just the right the balance of colors and patterns.


Cross Pollination

One of our guests in our Gloucester Quilter Apartment in VRBO loved the quilts upstairs so much, she decided to buy a custom one for her daughter as her high school graduation present. The daughter came down and pick out several fabrics she liked from my quilting room and I filled in the rest. Don’t you think this will make a great comfort quilt for her first year in college? It was fun working with such fun colors for a change.